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Oh look it’s me posting about Fets Fash again. This is not my usual “oh wow Fets Fash” post though.

A couple of months back I started the ball rolling on a custom video that was going to involve a lady in a catsuit waving a lightsabre around. I was getting the lady in question a Fets Fash front-zip catsuit made, and it suddenly occurred to me that it would be pretty cool Jedi/Sith thing if they had a hood, but FF didn’t offer that option. I asked FF if they could do a hood and did a terrible photoshop and absurdly crude pattern of what I thought it would look like.

They said yes so I ordered a hooded, footed catsuit for my naughty Jedi.

This morning, a new option for hooded suits showed up on their site.

So now you know; Fets Fash’s new hooded catsuits are really for kinky fetish Jedi! I don’t know if Zlata owns a lightsabre though!

I’m pretty chuffed that they liked the idea enough that it’s gone into full production. Maybe I’ll get royalties ;)

(As an aside: Back in February, just one day after the custom suit with the first of these hoods shipped, Black Milk released the teaser for their Ninja Hooded Catsuit, which is a very similar footed, hooded catsuit design based on BM’s classic long-sleeved round/scoop-neck design. My mind was blown by that coincidence!)

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